Meet Me in the Middle (Pre-Order)

Meet Me in the Middle (Pre-Order)


Designed to keep dads and their teenage daughters talking about important stuff during the challenging years of adolescence, this is perhaps the most unique thing we have ever created.

Start on one side and it’s a book for girls aged 12-19. Start on the other side and it's a book for dads. Both cover 10 important (but sometimes awkward) talks that fathers and daughters need to have.

As a dad and his daughter pass the book back and forth, they end up talking about identity, faith, friends, beauty, boys, sex, porn, and their desperate need to stay connected to one another during the teen years.

The book contains key biblical principles as well as great advice from some sharp women in their young 20’s. Every chapter includes discussion questions and great daddy/daughter date ideas.

It releases September 2018 but you can pre-order now!

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