How to Be an Awesome Parent

Many parents are good. Some parents are awesome.  

I stumbled upon a series of photos online that showed a few parents who fall into the awesome at least one dimension. Here are a few that made me smile...


A Mom Who Still Knows How to Have Fun:


The Masterminds Who Came Up With This Trick:


This Dad Who Came Up With the Best Father/Baby Costume Ever:


These Parents Who Are Planning for the Future:


You can see a lot more parenting awesomeness by clicking here: 24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing. There are 24 examples of people being Imperfect and Normal parents. Hopefully, the pictures will briefly distract you from today's parenting challenges and make your Monday bearable. 

Have a great day! And plan some way that YOU can be an awesome parent this week!


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