Announcing the "REAL MARRIAGE" Podcast

INFO for Families is always dreaming about ways to deliver helpful and encouraging content to the families we serve. While blogs, events, and books have been our primary formats, we are excited to announce that a marriage podcast is coming soon.

The Southern Baptists of Texas state convention hosts a great app for families that is available for most smart phones and iPad. The content includes helpful articles, a weekly family devotion, and a weekly marriage resource. Starting in April, the marriage resource (currently a video) will become the Real Marriage Podcast featuring Barrett and Jenifer.

We are still working on the details, but we have created a unique format to coach you in your marriage. Each week on the podcast, you can listen in as Jen and I coach another couple on some of the issues that effect us all. We are planning our shows based upon the topics and struggles that we find ourselves talking to couples about again and again. Content will be arranged into four-week themes where we will have one couple as our guests for the entire month. Our plan is to drill down into that theme over the four weeks. Each month we will tackle a different topic with a different couple.

If you know anything about us, you know that our desire is to help "imperfect & normal families" just like ours. So the content on the podcast will be honest and transparent (thus the name "Real Marriage.") Our goal will be to provide both practical and Scriptural counsel. The shows will be relatively brief, too. We are aiming for each episode to be no longer than about 15 minutes, so it will be perfect to listen to in the car while driving home from work or school. It might also be a great thing to listen to with your spouse on a weeknight once the kids are in bed.

I encourage you to hit up your App store (either on Apple, Google Play, or Windows) and download the Family @ Home App for your device. We also plan to host the podcasts here at INFO for Families in the future.

Would you help us to spread the word? We think this is going to be a great way to encourage lots and lots of people. Also, be praying for us as we develop the content, record the episodes, and strive to coach us all towards God's very best for our marriages.