PODCAST: Fanning the Flames - Part 1 - Keep Dating

Our brand new Real Marriage podcast is officially live! Each Monday, we will post a brief (10-15 minutes long) marriage-coaching audio clip. Our first four-session series is called "Fanning the Flames" and is designed to help you to keep the spark alive in your marriage, even during the seasons of life when you feel to busy to focus on building a vibrant marriage.

If you know anything about us, you know that our desire is to help "imperfect & normal families" just like ours. So the content on the podcast will always be honest and transparent (thus the name "Real Marriage"). Our goal is to provide both practical and Scriptural counsel. It will be perfect to listen to in the car while driving home from work or school. It might also be a great thing to listen to with your spouse on a weeknight once the kids are in bed.

How Can You Access the Podcast?

The clips are being produced in partnership with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. There are three ways you can listen:

1. Get the App.

The SBTC has created an excellent App for your smartphone with all sorts of great content for your family. You can always find the weekly podcast there. Click here to download the App. We encourage you to hit up your App store (either on Apple, Google Play, or Windows) and download the Family @ Home App for your device. Starting this month, about half of the weekly family devotions you find there are written by us, as well.

2. Subscribe via iTunes.

We are HUGE fans of podcasts. So much so, we joke that having access to quality, life-giving content is the main reason that God invented the iPhone. That said, if you are already a frequent podcast listener, we encourage you to head over to iTunes and subscribe to the Real Marriage podcast. Every week, the shows will be automatically downloaded to your device.

3. Listen Here at INFO for Families.

We will try to consistently post the new podcast episodes here at INFO for Families each week. Look for it on Mondays. Here's our first episode from the "Fanning the Flames" series. It's all about staying connected through an active dating life.

Please help us to spread the word about this great new resource that can help ANYBODY build a stronger marriage! Shares on Facebook and other social media platforms are always appreciated!