PODCAST: Love and Respect - Part 1 - It's Not About You

We start a four week series today on the Real Marriage podcast about the fundamentals of love and respect in marriage.

It all comes from Paul's writings in Ephesians 5:20-33. Everything builds toward verse 33, where the Scripture calls a husband to love his wife as he loves himself and a wife to respect her husband. Author Emerson Eggrichs amplified these truths in his groundbreaking book, Love and Respect. Our special guests are Mike and Anne, a great couple who has been married for 19 years.

Before we get into specifics about the issues of love and respect, we need to set the tone for what our marriages should look like. That's why we backed things up to Ephesians 5:20-21. There, Paul writes about the need for each person in marriage to willingly submit themselves to each other. Enjoy!