PODCAST: Nine Apps for Marriage Part 1 - Communicating Expectations

Things in life rarely turn out like we expect them to, including in marriage. Every person brings unspoken expectations of what marriage should look like. The truth is that if you don't communicate them with your spouse, you're going to be frustrated.

This is the first in a nine-part series called Nine Apps for Marriage. We are sharing nine fundamental principles that hold true in every marriage. Joining us through these nine weeks are Lindsey and Christian. They learned these nine principles at Marriage Prep with us before they got married just three years ago. They also hear them in daily life since Lindsey is out daughter!

Job 30:26 reminds us that we can hope for things to be easy and perfect, but life rarely turns out that way. You can also assume that your spouse will read your mind, but they probably can't. This brief podcast encourages you to keep the lines of communication open.