PODCAST: Nine Apps for Marriage Part 5 - Love is a Decision


"I still love my spouse....I'm just not 'in love' with my spouse." This is what I hear all the time from couples whose marriages have lost their spark. It is usually accompanied by some form of "I'm not happy anymore." What these couples don't realize is that the problem isn't their emotions; it's their will.

Emotions are fickle, but making the choice to keep an eternal perspective on your marriage will give you the fuel you need to build a lasting and satisfying marriage.

John 4:19 describes the kind of love that must fuel your marriage. It is the extravagant, limitless, and sacrificial love that is modeled by Christ. When you decide to love your spouse in this way regardless of what you get in return, good things begin to happen in your relationship. Your emotions will always follow your will. Listen to more about this on the Real Marriage Podcast.