Introducing No Porn November

All this month, INFO for Families is challenging families to take a few deliberate steps to insulate their homes from the devastating impact of pornography. We will be sharing plenty of content via blog posts and passing on some resources that we feel will help you.

While there is no magical switch you can throw to completely protect your family from explicit content, there are a things you can do to that are no-brainers. In our minds, these are non-negotiable components of contemporary parenting.

First you have to TALK about it. Education and preparation are key to helping your kids develop an opinion about porn. Our first post in this series will address why so many parents are reluctant to enter the conversation.

Second, you have to PROTECT their technology. This means filtering tools and accountability software. The family in 2018 who has no protection on their technology is just asking for trouble.

Third, you have to FORGIVE their mistakes. At some point, your kids are probably going to stumble…just like you probably did. If you respond only with punishment and guilt but don’t offer grace, you’re just going to push a problem deeper underground.

Finally, you’re going to have to PRAY for help. Because you can’t police your child’s every moment (nor should you), you’re going to have to pray that God convicts them of what is right and wrong. Hopefully, your kids will learn wisdom on how to respond when they encounter inappropriate content.

We encourage you to read each of these posts as we send them out in November. AND, we encourage you to take the “No Porn November” challenge and do whatever you need to do to insulate your home from all the garbage out there.

TALK about it..png

Don’t just sit there….DO SOMETHING!

If you’re wanting to take the first steps of protecting the technology in your home, we recommend Covenant Eyes. It provides some great filtering controls as well as the best accountability software on the planet. Millions of homes use it and it is probably the best place to start if you want to stay on top of what your children or teens are doing online. There is a monthly fee, but most families feel that this is totally worth it.

For ease of use and functionality at home, the Circle device is an incredibly powerful tool. It is a one-time purchase that manages all the wifi in your home. You can read our full review HERE. We know of several families who use both Circle and Covenant Eyes at the same time to keep things in check.

We need to remind you that you can’t block everything. That’s where education comes in to play. As parents, you’re going to have to have conversations with your kids about porn.

For children, we love the Good Pictures Bad Pictures books by Jenson and Poyner. They offer a terrific way to start the conversation about the damaging effects of porn, even with small kids.

And of course, if you have kids who are 12 years and older, we think our resources on these subjects are the best things out there to tee up these critical conversations.

We’re the experts on getting parents and teens comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics.

Our ground-breaking book, The Talks, has helped more than 25,000 parents equip their kids to develop a healthy view of sex and relationships.

Our innovative resource for teen boys, The Young Man’s Guide to Awesomeness, has given thousands of guys the tools they need to make wise choices about porn, girls, and the direction of their lives.

Now, Meet Me in the Middle offers a God-focused perspective about 10 key issues that teen girls are facing. And it does it in a format that invites a girl’s father into the conversation.

All during “No Porn November,” we are offering some great combo deals on these resources in our ONLINE STORE, so be sure to check those out.

Whatever you do, make this the month that you take any and all necessary steps to protect the impressionable young minds in your home from getting the wrong view of God’s gift of sex.

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