Summertime Sale at INFO for Families - Get 33% OFF

Summer is finally here and it's hot!

That's why we're offering some hot deals on your favorite resources for Imperfect & Normal Families! (It's best if you say the previous sentence in your best monster truck rally announcer voice. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!) This is your chance to save 33%. And who doesn't love that?

Anyway.....our closets are overstocked with copies of The Talks, The Young Man's Guide to Awesomeness, The Talks DVD Study and Workbook, and even the best of our blog, Your Imperfect and Normal Family. (Because sometimes you want to read the viral stuff from our archives, but it's hard to get a good WiFi signal on the beach. And all that sand in your laptop. Gross.)

We've got too many books stored up in inventory so we're passing on the savings to you! (Use that voice again.) All of our books are a whopping 33% off between now and July 4th.

Why is now the perfect time to stock up on up copies of the books you have enjoyed from INFO for Families?

We can think of a couple of reasons you should load up on our resources:

1. These books have really helped your family and you want to be the generous friend/relative who passes them on to someone you love. (At 33% off! You can be cheap but still look like you're rolling in dough.)

2. You are way behind in graduation gifts for the young men in your life. All of those 18 year old boys you know would benefit from The Young Man's Guide to Awesomeness. (If only to use as a coaster for the beer they are drinking illegally at college.)

3. Compared to all the lying liars who are lying about how perfect their family is on Facebook, you sometimes feel like you're dropping the ball in your family life. Posts like THIS ONE from "Your Imperfect and Normal Family" might give you just the summertime lift you need. (And at 33% off! Wow!)

4. You used to have a copy of one of our books but you lent it to a friend and now you can't remember who that was so the chances of ever seeing it again are pretty slim. (Does that happen to anybody else besides me?)

5. You have always thought about buying The Talks for yourself or The Young Man's Guide to Awesomeness for your son or our Talks DVD study for your small group, but you're just too dang cheap. (With this sale, you can't go wrong!)

Here's what you should do right now:

Head over to the store at and load up your cart with the books you want. Once you have everything you need, go ahead and checkout. Under the "order summary" enter the promo code "SUMMER." Just the quotations or anything. A whopping 33% will be taken off your total. If you're given an option, choose "MEDIA MAIL" shipping for the best deal. It may take a few days to get there, but it's cheap. Finish checking out, then do the happy dance to celebrate what a great deal you landed. 

This deal is good through July 4th, so get moving. And tell your friends...they're all probably just as frugal as you are. ;-)