Recommended Resources

Family Time Training offers an extensive library of family devotion guides on hundreds of topics. INFO for Families has a subscription to their Total Access feature so you can download and use as many as you like. To access them, log in as "" and use the password "jfbc123".

ClearPlay is an amazing DVD player that enables your family to enjoy movies at home with the objectionable content removed as you watch it. The player is relatively inexpensive but you are required to pay an annual fee to subscribe to the digital filters you download from your home computer. It is well worth it. Family movie night is back!

Focus on the Family offers an excellent searchable database of questions that families are asking. They cover just about every issue related to marriage and parenting that you could possibly imagine.

Plugged In is a good place to start when you are curious about the content or worldview of popular entertainment, including movies, music, and television. It's not the final word on whether or not you should see a certain movie, but it might help you to avoid a shocking moment after you have laid down $60 at the theater.