Help for Church Leaders

You want to do your best to equip the families you serve. But sometimes, it's hard to get them the help they need. 

The ministry of Barrett and Jenifer Johnson is designed for “Imperfect & Normal Families Only,” so I’m sure your church is full of those! (That’s where I.N.F.O. comes from.) They are committed to resourcing churches like yours to offer the help that today’s parents are looking for.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Barrett and Jenifer launched INFO for Families after 25 years of ministry in the local church. (Barrett previously served as the Family Minister at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, GA.) In 2014, they released their first book, The Talks, which has served as a guide to tens of thousands of families. Their TALKS DVD Study is also available on Right Now Media, a subscription service that many churches use.  

After working closely with more than 500 newlywed couples, they realized just how sexually broken so many young people were. They saw that the smartphone generation was getting bad information and making bad decisions about sex, mainly because their parents weren’t helping them. 

Now, Barrett and Jenifer are committed to helping parents and churches make critical conversations about sexuality, healthy relationships, and internet safety a priority. They have been featured on FamilyLife Today, Right Now Media, LifeWay Christian Resources,, among many others.

Resourcing the families in your church can best happen through one of their two flagship events, “Critical Conversations” and “Guy’s Night Out.”

The Critical Conversations live presentation covers much of the content from their book “The Talks” and helps parents….

*Confront their reluctance to talk about sex.

*Develop a plan to both have “the talk” and then to keep the conversations going.

*Help their kids see the emotional, physical and spiritual reasons for treating their sexuality as precious.

*Develop a wise approach to dating.

*Create a game plan for dealing with social media and the unavoidable porn issue.

The content is fully customizable for parents of kids aged 5-18 and can be presented in a 3 hour workshop, a 90 minute presentation, or a 45 minute keynote address.

*The "Our Kids VS 21st Century Sexuality" video contains some of the content covered at a Critical Conversations event. 


Guy’s Night Out is our new event designed for dads and their sons aged 13-21.

Young men need guidance to avoid making some of the foolish decisions they see many of their peers (and men in the public eye) making. They need specific direction on how to maintain sexual purity, to interact with girls, and to seek a life of meaning.

In this 90-minute event, fathers and sons will be given the opportunity to initiate some critical conversations about issues that can be difficult for men to talk about. Using creative communication, video clips, and guided discussion, we get conversations started about porn, chivalry, and how young men can begin to find their place in God’s big story.

“Real transformation in our kids often comes from shared experiences with meaningful conversations. Guy’s Night Out is an incredible resource to get fathers and sons talking.”

-David Robbins

President, FamilyLife

Critical Conversation and Guy’s Night Out are now available for booking at your church.

The content is rich and the price is reasonable. To get more information, contact us using the form at Or if you have questions about what we do, you can reach Barrett directly at

Want to hear more? You can listen to Barrett and Jenifer’s conversations with Dennis Rainey on the nationally syndicated FamilyLife Today radio program:

Watch a 90 second video about how The Talks can help you equip the parents in your church to help their kids navigate our hyper-sexualized culture:





Our book for teen guys, The Young Man’s Guide to Awesomeness, has frank conversations for guys about porn, sexual purity, chivalry, and more. It includes 25 QR codes that link to short videos that supplement the reading. Here’s the first video that introduces the book:




If you're curious, here's a video we created a few years ago that shares a little bit more about who we are and what we are about.



We know your people are probably struggling in these areas. We look forward to hearing from you about how one of our events or resources might help the families that you serve so faithfully in the local church.