Preparing for Marriage

On average, the typical couple will invest more than $29,000 on a wedding event that lasts 4 hours but invest nothing on a marriage that can (and should) last 50 years or more. The most prudent decision any engaged couple will make is to allow an experienced coach to help them work through some of the keys to building a satisfying marriage.

For the past nine years, Barrett and Jenifer have helped more than 1,000 people learn how to successfully transition from single to married life. They want to help you, too!

Marriage Prep Workshop

Offered about four times a year just north of Atlanta, this one-day intensive workshop gives engaged couples the skills they need to create the marriage of their dreams. Each workshop is limited to 20 couples. The teaching sessions are practical, fun, and even guy-friendly.

You can join the more than 500 couples who have learned how to…

  • Communicate so your spouse really hears you.
  • Work through conflicts with love and acceptance.
  • Understand key gender differences.
  • Affirm and build up the unique gifts and strengths of your spouse.
  • Get on the same page about money.
  • See the connection between emotional and sexual intimacy.
  • Understand the spiritual dimension of marriage.

Cost for the workshop is $119 per couple and includes all workshop materials, an online personality inventory and a light breakfast. (Lunch is on your own on the beautiful Marietta square.)

Couples in Georgia who complete pre-marriage training like this also save $35 on their marriage license. 

Contact for more information on when our next event happens.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Every couple can benefit from a focused time of coaching through their unique issues.
Barrett Johnson has helped hundreds of couples address potential challenges and learn how to have a marriage that thrives.

Counseling format includes an initial 90-minute session followed by three hour long sessions. Included is the PREPARE inventory as well as the Flag Page personality test for both the bride and groom. Both inventories are taken online before coaching begins.

Package cost is $375 and counseling takes place in Marietta, GA. 

Contact for more information. 

Are you planning a wedding and want a little perspective on where all our "traditions" come from? Watch this video...but do so at your own risk. It might give you such a negative view of the wedding industry that you'll be tempted to elope. ;-)