The Real Marriage Podcast

If you know anything about us, you know that our desire is to help "imperfect & normal families" just like ours. The Real Marriage Podcast is a place where you can listen in as we have honest and transparent conversations about the issues that affect us all. Our goal is to provide both practical and scriptural counsel in a brief 15 minute broadcast. It is perfect to listen to in the car or with your spouse on a weeknight once the kids are in bed.

There are Two Easy Ways to Access the Podcast.

1. Get the App.

The Southern Baptist of Texas Convention is hosting the Real Marriage Podcast on their Family @ Home App. Click here to download the App for your smartphone. Look under the "Resources" tab for "Marriage Podcast."

2. Listen Here at INFO for Families.

We are not currently recording new episodes but much of our great content can be found below.


 Click on the quicklinks below to get to the posts that feature the audio files.