Big News: The Early Sexualization of Teen Girls is a Bad Thing!

It's official. In a recently released study, the American Psychological Association has officially declared that the early sexualization of girls is a bad thing. CNN even ran a special report on its newscast a few days ago, complete with an author and Ph.D. from an eminent university, who furrowed her brow in a scholarly fashion and announced that the APA study on the sexualization of young girls was ''disturbing'' news. Hello? Does it really take a scientific study to figure out that our girls are growing up way too fast?

The influence of Brittney, Paris, and the rest of the idolized celebrities in our culture has changed our girls' definition of what is normal behavior for a young lady. You can even see traditionally "innocent" influencers such as Disney pushing the envelope with the young female leads on their TV shows targeted at tweens (kids in that confusing pre-teen stage). The short music videos by their stars that you see between shows are becoming more and more "sexy." Again, when devoured by un-discerning girls, these images become the norm.

Parents must be diligent to help their girls learn God's definition of what it means to be feminine, celebrating their beauty without compromising their holiness.

Anyway, you can read the article below...

The APA reports on the Early Sexualization of Teens.