Finally, the Parenting Research I've Been Waiting For

A friend on staff recently forwarded me an update today from George Barna's organization. It briefly summarizes a new study and book that Barna has recently completed on Christian parenting and the specific components that produce kids who follow Christ.

As I read the summary, I was thrilled to see that his study has proven the basic premise that I have theorized for years. Specifically, that "responsive parenting" and "trial and error parenting" don't work. Instead, what Jenifer and I have called "purposeful parenting" is the paradigm that parents must work from. It is when the parents prayerfully depend upon the Holy Spirit to give them clear direction and deliberate steps to guide and direct their kids. Every day, every moment, every conversation is filled with purpose: God's purpose.

Barna gives these things different names and characterizes them a bit differently, but the message (and the evidence) is clear: Christian parents must be deliberate in what they do, fighting tooth and nail to avoid getting caught up in the "traditions of men" and the least common denominator of culture.

Barna's book on the subject is called Revolutionary Parenting. On it's premise alone, I'd consider it a recommended read for any parent who is interested in raising children who turn out right.