Reviews: Some Books Worth Reading

Revolutionary Parenting

By George Barna

This is George Barna’s newest book based upon his latest national study on parenting styles.  He surveyed thousands of committed Christian young adults (and their parents) to determine what parenting styles and habits are essential for raising kids who turn out right. 


Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date

By Dennis Rainey

A must-read for every dad with daughters.  Rainey has served as president of FamilyLife for many years.  He has also raised three girls.  In this very short book, he outlines a practical, loving strategy for telling your daughter’s date what he needs to hear, all in a way that demonstrates how much you value your daughter.


God is Not Through With Me Yet: Holding on to the One Who Holds You Close

By Thelma Wells

Jenifer highly recommends this one.  Wells, a frequent speaker on the Women of Faith tour, offers rich life lessons gleaned from more than sixty-one years as a Christ-follower.  Sharing from her own unwanted experiences, Thelma reveals how God is working every day in every way to bring you to a place of total trust in Him.