The Best Five Minutes of Film I Have Ever Seen

I want to encourage you to go see the new Pixar film “Up.” Not only is it an amazingly done film that has very wide appeal, it does something that few movies do: honor the lifelong commitment of marriage.


Hollywood is great at telling stories about people falling in love. But rarely do they create a movie that shows the joys of a long marriage, filled with all the good and bad that we experience along the way. The “happily ever after” is presumed, but it is seldom shown.


While Up is a wonderful movie about two very different people on an amazing journey together, the best part is the first ten minutes. In particular, it’s the brief montage early in the film that shows a young couple falling in love, marrying, and walking through life together. I kid you not, it’s the best five minutes of film I have ever seen. If you go to the theater, don’t be late.

If you want more insights into this great movie, there are excellent reviews at Plugged In and at World Magazine. Reading them will give you even more appreciation of some of the messages that the filmmakers were trying to communicate.