What Do You Recommend at Blockbuster?

I love a good movie. Whether it's a kid flick on a family movie night or a romantic comedy that Jen and I can enjoy after the kids go to bed, I'm always willing to pop some corn and spend 100 minutes engaging in a good story. But the sad thing is that I haven't seen too many of those lately.

BlockbusterThe last few "family" movies we have chosen have been just stupid. And the recent "for parents only" flicks Jen and I have tried have been void of anything that would resemble redeeming value. I'm starting to wonder if Hollywood has any clue what many Americans are looking for in entertainment.

Let me be clear on something: I'm not a legalistic prude when it comes to film and story. I am willing to endure some distasteful content if it serves a higher purpose. Plus, I have my trusty Clearplay DVD Player if I want to appreciate a movie without being bombarded by profanity or skin. But I just haven't seen much recently that I can truly say: "Now that was two hours well spent!"

So I need your help...

Please use the comments section below to suggest "good movies for families" and good movies for parents." Let me know what you have seen in recent days that your family really enjoyed...and why. I'll sort through your responses and post ones that I agree with.  ;-)  Feel free to include both recent releases and timeless classics.

I'll offer the first comment and give a few of my favorites. Thanks for your help!