Family Devotion Idea: Singing Angels - Christmas

*About twice a month, we try to post the outline of a family devotion that you and your kids can do together.  Carve out some time with your kids for a fun and creative discussion this week!


Teaching Goal:

Sing Christmas carols like the heavenly host singing in the sky to announce Jesus’ birth.



Luke 2:13  “Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying: ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.’”



Portable CD or tape player

Familiar Christmas music

Elevated place to lay the music: roof, 2nd floor, balcony, etc.

Appropriate clothing, blankets, etc. for the weather

Hot chocolate


In Advance:

(Note: This activity works best in the evening after dark.)  Set up the music player in an elevated location.  For example: put the player in a partially open second floor window overlooking the backyard or set the player on top of a ladder.


The most memorable Family Times are those that involve the senses.  The colder the better!  In colder climates, consider doing this activity when it is snowing.  Lay tarps on the cold ground and wrap up in blankets and/or sleeping bags.


Lesson and Discussion:

*Words that are written in bold are when you, the parent, are speaking.  Feel free to use your own words.



We’re going outside for Family Time!  Turn on the Christmas music and go outside to the tarp and/or blankets.  I’m going to read part of the Christmas story in the Bible and then we’ll have some hot chocolate and sing along with the music.  Read Luke 2:13.


Sitting under the stars, listening to music coming out of the sky makes me think about the shepherds in the field listening to the angels.  Sing along with the songs and talk about the Christmas story.  Ask questions like: How many people can you name who were part of the birth of Jesus?  Jesus. Mary. Joseph. Shepherd. Wise men. Inn keeper. Herod.  Name the locations and sequence of events included in the Bible story about the birth of Jesus.


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