Jonathan Acuff's Thoughts on "Raising Dorks"

SCLAbout a year ago, a good friend introduced me to the Stuff Christians Like website. It is a daily blog with relevant observations on many of the quirky (read: embarrassing) parts of our Christian subculture. It comes off sort of like the Saturday Night Live of Christianity. I would recommend bookmarking the site and visiting it often. Acuff is disciplined to post most every day and he is always fresh.

I came across one of his popular posts from September of last year on the subject of Raising Dorks. I love his thoughts on the subject of intentionally raising kids who are behind the curve when it comes to growing up.

There is great application for parents as we aim to help our kids to be (as Jesus described us) not of the world. As my friend John Richie says it, our kids can either be worldly successful or they can be Godly. It is near impossible to be both. And if we try to enable them to be both, we'll usually end up with kids who are not Godly. As for me, I'm okay if my kids' pursuit of holiness makes them a bit on the dorky side. I just hope and pray that they come to appreciate that some day.