The Myth of the Perfect Parent

ParentmythI just read an article that made me question many of the assumptions I have made as a parent. Specifically, I have a tendency to assume that how my kids turn out is totally up to me.

I know this is sinful, but when I see a child in rebellion, my first assumption tends to be that his parents must have been asleep at the wheel. When I see a child who grows up to be a "spiritual champion," I assume that his parents must have done all the right things. If I am honest, I have come to embrace what is essentially a behavioral approach to parenting. It's all about how you train them.

And while I still think that the parent's role in a child's spiritual development is HUGE, the article I just read makes me more dependent upon the grace of Christ and less dependent on the diligence of Barrett. 

Take a few minutes to read The Myth of the Perfect Parent by Leslie Leyland Fields in the January 2010 edition of Christianity Today magazine. Then I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Feel free to make a comment and tell me what you think.