New Survey Tool on

If you look at the left-hand column of the INFO For Families blog, you can see that I added a survey widget to the layout.  Ooh, la, la. The first question I posted is pretty benign: "What are the life stages of the kids in your home?" I'm curious to see what types of people are visiting the blog. If you frequent the site, you are officially invited to go and complete the survey.

I promise to make a few more interesting questions in the future. Here are some possibilities...

*What is your greatest parenting challenge?

*What do you fear most as a parent?

*What do you and your spouse argue about the most?

*How often do you have sex in the average month? 

Don't worry; you don't have to register your name to respond so nobody will know how you answer. But I am curious as to what's going on out there in your "Imperfect and Normal Families."

If you have other suggestions for possible questions, please let me know. We'll post them and see what happens!