Henpecked Men in Superbowl Commercials

We live in a culture where many men experience some form of verbal emasculation on a daily basis. A few are married to cruel-hearted women who take some sick pleasure in keeping their men under their thumbs. But most guys probably have well-intentioned wives who feel that it is their responsibility to keep their husband's ego in check. (Ladies, this is a bad idea...nothing can destroy a man faster than when his wife puts him down.)


Apparently, the advertising wizards on Madison Avenue have tapped into this theme, trying to sell products by empathizing with men who experience this. And while many men can relate, I'm not sure it's healthy to make light of something so potentially destructive.  More thoughts found in an article by Jocelyn Noveck:

Henpecked Men Were a Fav Theme of Super Bowl Ads