What Men and Women are Really Thinking

We have had a ball with the new survey widget I installed on www.infoforfamiliesblog.com. In the past week or so, I have posted a pretty benign survey and a very interesting one on bedroom activities. Here are the results...

On our bedroom question, we asked "How often do you and your spouse have intercourse?" With 37 people responding, here are the results:

*Very infrequently 14%

*A few times per month   17%

*About once a week 36%

*Several times a week 33%

The results were not a big surprise. I still don't know how couples function when intimacy isn't happening at least a few times a month. For those 14% of you who don't have this as a regular part of your lives, I hope you know what you're doing. Everybody has different needs, but I can't help but think that a situation like that is tolerable for one spouse and incredibly painful for the other. You may have some things to talk about.

For our next surveys, I have posted one for men and one for women. (Please help us keep the results accurate by double-checking your gender before you answer.) 

The survey for men asks about how you think you stack up to other men in the area of your thought life. My hypothesis is that most of us will think that our struggles are a lot worse than others. While actually, we're all having to work hard every day to keep our thought life in check.

The survey for women asks at what level you struggle with insecurities about your appearance. Given the hyper-sexualization of our world (and the magazines on the shelves and the shows on our TV's), you ladies have a ton of false messages coming your way. I'm just curious if they are affecting you in a severe way.

So check out the surveys on the left hand column of the blog. And forward the link on to your friends. I'd love to get as many responses from this one as possible. And if you can think of a good survey question for the future, please feel free to pass it on to us! 

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