Review of The Rocket Summer's "Of Men and Angels"

This isn't necessarily a "family-focused" blog post, but I wanted to take advantage of this medium to tell you to go out and buy the new album by "The Rocket Summer." My friend Bryce does everything on the record (write, sing, play all the instruments) and it truly is a breakthrough project.

Bryce was in my youth ministry back in the late 90's and it has been a thrill to watch his career unfold. I performed he and his wife Tara's wedding about 5 years ago so he's become sort of a "Timothy" in my life.

Anyway, the record debuted 2 weeks ago. It was #1 on iTunes for several days and a week later had found itself on the Billboard Album charts: #38 of the top 200 Albums, #4 on the Rock Album chart, and #2 on the Christian Album chart (snugly wedged between TobyMac and Casting Crowns). All this without any radio airplay to date.

He's a roaring lion trying to make a difference for Christ in the general market, and you should buy his record.

See a review of the record on the Relevant Magazine site: "Of Men and Angels" Review  There is also a link to a nice interview they did with Bryce.