James Dobson's "Bringing Up Girls"

978-1-4143-0127-3 James Dobson wrote the book (or should I say books) on parenting that many of us have raised our kids on. His very successful "Bringing Up Boys" gave insights to an entire generation of parents.

Now, he has come out with "Bringing Up Girls," which offers the same practical and Biblical principles for raising the young ladies in our homes.

There is an excellent promotional website that they have created to market the book found at www.bringingupgirls.com. There's a little video that is a bit goofy but that actually works to motivate you to buy what Dobson is selling. 

Likewise, you can find plenty of great reviews for the book written by normal parents just like you at ChristianBook.com.

"Bringing Up Boys" went a long way to help me (and particularly, my wife) to understand the guys in our house. I'm hopeful that "Bringing Up Girls" will do the same.