Young Woman with No Kids Offers Brilliant Parenting Advice

What does a 23 year old newlywed with no children know about parenting? Well, this one knows a great deal.


I love following the goings on of The Village Church north of Dallas, TX. Pastor Matt Chandler is a godly young man who is making an impact in the kingdom by leading his church to pursue God in radical and Biblical living. His church has grown dramatically over the past 5 years.  He’s one of the podcasters I listen to regularly, and you can find his sermons by clicking here.


A young newlywed from his staff, Mallery Yen, Associate Children’s Minister at the Flower Mound campus of The Village Church, writes about some of the priorities of her life that she plans to take to her role as a mother if and when God blesses her with children. While she has no experience as a parent, she is definitely on the right track regarding her foundational need for Jesus in every moment of her life, including her role as a parent one day. We would all do well to remember the truths she has shared.  Check out her brief, but powerful post at this link.