INFO for Families Blog - I Need Your Feedback

One Sometime this summer, we passed the one year anniversary of the INFO for Families Blog. What started out as a convenient place for me to share some of the "best of the web" resources for families has developed a pretty faithful following.

There are 125 people who have subscribed to receive regular emails of posts. (Put your email address in the box to the left if you would like to subscribe.) In addition, the site itself averages nearly 75 hits a day. I'm no math wiz, but that seems to suggest that there are at least 200 people out there who are regularly smelling what I'm stepping in. Thanks for reading!

One thing that I would value as we move forward with this thing is feedback. As I look at the blog's general appearance, I see lots of text, a ton of links, etc. I tend to be overly wordy, so it reflects the person I am (for better or worse). But I don't want to offer resources there that offer only clutter and no help.

What I would love to know is this: what on the blog do the readers actually utilize. I have created a survey on the left hand column that asks that very question.

In addition to regular posts, there is a database of "Family Devo Ideas" I subscribe to for us. Does anybody use them with their kids? 

We have links to my friends Gary and Barb Rosberg's "Date With a Purpose" resources. Have you ever utilized them?

There are several other random links to stuff I like. Is that helpful at all?

Please take a few seconds to check out the survey in the box to the left. (And if you are reading this in your RSS reader or in an email, do me a favor and jump to the site and do the survey. It will only take a second.

I really do value you and appreciate your opinion. And if there is any other feedback you need to give, feel free to post it below or to email me at the link above. I'm all ears!


Barrett Johnson