Watch This Video of a Great Song by a Great Guy

Today I hand over the INFO for Families Blog to Johnson Ferry Middle School Minister Chris Connor for a guest post. He's encouraging us all to support JF staff member John McCullough in his quest to be on stage at a big soiree that a local station is putting on.

What does it have to do with marriage and parenting? Not much. Except that John is married. And I think he, at one time or another, has had parents. It's all about relevance, people.


Here’s a shameless plug for our very own John McCullough. There is a contest that 104.7 the Fish is hosting to find a local artist as an opening act for a concert in a few weeks. Kevin Hunnel made sure that John entered but he is a little late getting into the game. That means we need to help him get some views on Youtube. So I am putting a link to his video entry in this email and you need to go watch the video at least a thousand times, well maybe five or more. So click the link that follows this … and show your support for Johnny MC.

The link is to a playlist so if you just left the browser window open his video will loop continuously…more video hits is what we are going for. If you don’t like to have music playing when you are working or you get tired of hearing the same song twenty times, click the mute button and just let the video play.



Hope this email finds you all doing well.