The Proper Place of Oral Sex in Marriage

For all the blog posts I have done over the past year or so, I think that I have just set the standard for attention-grabbing titles. You can't help but keep reading.

Obviously, this post is for mature viewers only. If you are under 21 or unmarried, I would suggest that you skip this one. And Mom, if you are reading this, that goes for you, too.

If you have spent any time at all with Jenifer or me when we are teaching on marriage, you know that we have no problem talking about sex. This is an area where the enemy (via the world) is bombarding us with information (usually lies) and the church is predominately silent. It's like trying to fight a war when your enemy has all the bullets. So somebody has to start broaching the subject. I guess that's us.

The way we figure it is this: God created sex. It is supposed to be a very good thing. Every married couple is, in theory, doing it. So why don't we talk about it more? I sound like a broken record as I posted on this very subject just a few weeks ago. The body of Christ must be willing, with discretion, to talk about this.

Mark Gungor has posted some great insights on the subject of oral sex on his blog. I feel like his perspective is right on, so I couldn't help but direct you, my faithful readers of INFO for Families, to his post. I have run into enough couples who are way out of balance in this area, with sex becoming a practice that is not often not mutually satisfying.

While every situation is different and each couple's issues are unique, I hope you carefully consider what Mark has to say and determine if your sexual expectations and demands are a reflection of Christlike, sacrificial love; love in which you seek first and foremost to meet the needs of your spouse. If not, then perhaps repentance is in order.

You can read Mark's blog post here.

And if you are interested in hearing more from Mark Gungor, we are offering the video version of his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar on Wednesday nights at Johnson Ferry starting Wednesday night, September 1. Anybody and everybody is welcome to join us.

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