Is Your Teenager a "Fake" Christian? What About You?

A recent report suggests that the faith many of our churched teens are buying into IS NOT true Christianity. It is, instead, a form of "moralistic therapeutic deism," in which God serves mainly to make you good and make you happy. According to the report, people who fall into this category are "fake" Christians, believing something quite different than true, Biblical Christianity.

Most "Christian" kids cannot articulate what they believe or why they believe it. Many bright teens who can speak clearly on a wide range of subjects have a hard time defining what, exactly, their Christian faith is about. 

I encourage you to read the full article on the CNN website. The study referenced comes from the book "Almost Christian" by Kenda Creasy Dean.

Parents of teenagers would be wise to talk often of their faith. But more than that, it is essential that teenagers see an authentic faith being lived out in their parents' daily lives. Many kids don't have a life-changing faith in Christ because they don't see it modeled in their parents.

So Mom and Dad, here's something to consider: If your kids' only source of information about the Christian life came from you, what message would they get? Is it a life and a faith worth embracing and giving their lives for?