Man Sacrifices His Life for His Wife

At some point in just about every wedding ceremony I am asked to perform, I challenge the husband with the truth from Ephesians 5:25. Paul says, "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her."

I remind the young groom that men are commanded to model Christ's love for His bride. Just as Christ laid down His life for the church, he is called to lay down his life for his wife.

But I usually comment that the opportunity for him to actually sacrifice his life for his wife is probably not going to happen in his lifetime. Instead, I suggest that he must be willing to live this truth out in the little things every day. He must lay down the remote control to focus on his wife. He must lay down his rights to what he wants when he wants it. He must lay down his wants and desires in order to meet the needs of his bride. These are the practical sacrifices that are required of us every day.

But a recent story I saw on the Today show gives an actual example of a man sacrificing his life for his pregnant wife. She lived, he died. All because of his actions.

You can watch the coverage of the story on the Today site here.

Husbands, what are you willing to sacrifice for your wives? Your life? Your rights? All of it?

HusbandsBarrett JohnsonComment