Looking for a Fun Night Out with Your Spouse? Next Friday, October 1st is THAT NIGHT.

If you live in Atlanta, you and your spouse need to be at Johnson Ferry on Friday night, October 1. No excuses. We've put together a "Couples Night Out" of epic proportions. If you are not yet convinced, here are some selling points:

CNO *It will be fun.

We've put together a great program that will be entertaining, funny, and good for your soul.

*Your friends will be there. 

You'll be sitting around a table with nice people just like you. We'll have some fun table-vs-table competitions designed to get you talking. So this is a great event to invite a few friends to.

*It will encourage your marriage.

We're rolling this out as a "multi-generational event" so we'll have couples of all ages there. We're going to have a fun panel of "older folks" sharing some lessons learned from a lifetime of marriage.

*You'll laugh your head off.

We have invited Bean and Bailey, a very unique comedy duo, to entertain us for a bit. (I know I lost some credibility with some of you the last time I did something like this, but trust me...I know these guys. They're incredible. This event will be my redemption. If it's not, I'm moving to Siberia.)

*We're serving dessert and providing childcare. 'Nuff said.

*It's a cheap date.

For $20 a couple, you get two and a half hours of fun, entertainment, food, childcare, and a great experience all around. You can't beat that.

So here's the deal: the Couples Night Out happens in ten days and you are probably not registered yet. You need to change that and change it now.

You can register online today by going to the Couple's Night Out Registration Page. The deadline for childcare is THIS FRIDAY, so get it done before it's too late!!

After you register, I encourage you to forward this on to a friend. Double dates are all the rage these days.

Hope to see you next Friday night for the perfect date night experience!