The Burdens Middle Schoolers Carry

Young teenagers are being forced more and more to deal with issues and stresses that are way over their heads. And studies show that teenagers today are poorly equipped to handle the challenges they face. 

The Youth Specialties blog includes a post this week by Brooklyn Lindsey about Listening to the Burdens of Middle Schoolers. When you read the types of things that these kids are burdened by, you begin to understand the "angst" we hear so much about.

While adults can look at their troubles and think "they're no big deal," they impact our teens very deeply. Because they are unable to handle emotional and relational stress like adults, their petty problems actually FEEL worse to them than the "serious" problems of the adult world. 

Take a minute and consider what burdens your kids might be carrying. Ask them about it. Then be ready to listen. You don't have to have all the answers, but even in listening, you might be able to help carry their burdens. At the very least, you can point them to the One who ultimately can.