How to Get Your Husband Interested in the Bible


This would probably work. But he will get fat. And his arteries will get clogged. And he will die early. Not a great long-term solution.

Perhaps the best way to increase our hunger for the Word is to ask God to create a hunger in us. That's the only thing that has ever worked for me.

I've tried reading plans and devotion guides and accountability partners. I've tried studying verses and themes and journaling my thoughts. Rarely does it jump-start my desire to renew my mind with Truth. But when I accompany my intentional plans with a desperate prayer for God to make we WANT to be in the Word, it changes everything.

Remember, God wants me to read the Bible. When I give Him freedom to do what He already wants to do, good things happen. That's when my appetite for the Word seems to supernaturally grow.

So ask God to increase your hunger for His Word this week. And if wrapping your Bible in bacon helps, then feel free to try that, too.