Time to Turn it All Off

As we slow our lives down for a few days over Christmas, our kids need to know that we are fully engaged with them. I thought I would post the following words from Todd Wilson of the FamilyMan Weekly. He encourages all of us to turn off our electronics for a few days. Not a bad idea. Here's what he says...


Christmas is almost here! In fact, the Wilson family begins our Christmas extravaganza by heading out to my folks this afternoon. Then it’s non-stop Christmas craziness until…New Year’s Day.
Here’s a tip I picked up from an automatic message bounce back that I got several weeks ago after I sent out the Familyman Weekly. Actually, I get a bunch of bounce backs whenever one of you goes on vacation or is out of the office. The messages usually go something like this: “I’ll be out of the office through next Thursday…if you need to get a hold of me…” You know the ones.
Not that I’m so bored that I read all the bounce backs to keep track of whose on vacation, but somehow God wanted me to see this one sent by one of you. All it said was, “I’m on an electronic vacation and can’t be reached until____.”
As I read it I thought, “Light bulb.” That’s a great idea. A vacation from cell phones, texting, Facebook, and email.
So Dad, can I encourage you to take a little Christmas e-vacation from electronics? After all, your family doesn’t want you constantly glancing at your phone to see who buzzed or left a text. They want you to be there with them…ALL of you…no sharing.
As for me, I’m shutting the Familyman Factory down for a couple of weeks (although orders will still be filled). I’ll see you on the other side.
I sure do appreciate our friendship and being on the dad-team with you.
Merry Christmas,