If You Are a Parent, You Need To Read This

We are well into our third day of the Atlanta Snowpocalypse of 2011. We got about four inches of snow, followed by a nice coverage of freezing rain. Conditions are nasty out there. With school and church and everything else shut down out there, we see no good reason to leave the house.

So do the math: starting on Sunday night, we have had nearly 72 hours straight of having the seven of us stuck in our house. The cabin fever is setting in. Though we have played outside a bit (Landon and I even snowboarded down the street), the bulk of our time has been spent inside.

This much time spent this close together does a pretty good job of amplifying our shortcomings. It can even make me feel like I'm failing as a parent.

I was soooo encouraged by something I just read by Paul Tripp. If you are a parent, you need to read this.

The Joyful Impossibility of Parenting