Planned Parenthood Employee Faciliates Teen Sex Trafficking

I struggled with whether or not I should post about this story, but I can't deny the conviction that it is related to our recent topic of teens and sex. It gives BIG insights into the perspectives of some in our world.

The link below will take you to the CitizenLink site of Focus on The Family. It has a few video clips from a sting operation carried out over the past few months to see how Planned Parenthood might respond to the needs of a pimp as he manages his teen prostitutes. The content is troubling to no end.

Granted, there are probably many Planned Parenthood employees who would not respond the way this woman did, but the fact that she is out there should remind you that nobody is looking out for your kids like you should be. Few people have as great of an interest in your kids well being than you do. Most of their motives are self-centered.

We must take sides on this one. Hopefully, the side you end up on is making the protection of our children our greatest priority. That includes the ones in your home, the unborn, and even teenagers in our world who are being exploited by this industry. (Atlanta remains one of the top cities in America for sex trafficking.)

There are so many issues here, I can't even begin to unpack them. If anything, watch the video and let it stir some emotions in you that move you to prayer and action. The people in this sting operation represent real situations and real innocent lives at stake.

You can find the video and a brief explanation here.

A fuller story on what has transpired over the past month can be found at ABC News Online.