Let's Talk About Sex - Introduction (Audio)

Many people have asked for the audio of our talks about teens and sex from last month. They are finally ready for posting here.

Part One is more of an introduction than anything else. In it, my goal was to lay the foundation as to why these issues are so important. My prayer is that you will agree. Most everyone in our secular world will try to convince us that casual sex and serial dating is normal behavior for teens and that they have no consequences. Evidence from scripture, as well as research from the social and physical sciences tell us otherwise. And the millions of married adults who are dealing with the junk from their past prove it, too.

As usual when I speak, there are times when my passion for the topic takes over and my tongue moves faster than my brain. I encourage you to use the pause button if you need time for your brain to catch up. It is a feature that was not available when we spoke live. I'll work on that.

You should be able to click on the link below and the player will open up for you. Enjoy!


Let's Talk About Sex - Introduction