Do's and Don'ts for Facebooking Couples

It seems that everybody is on Facebook....including my mother. It has entered into our culture as a key element in many of our relationships.

Like most everything else that adds value to our lives, there are some drawbacks. For married people, Facebook's power to connect us with others can both enhance our marriage and destroy it. It can help us to create a wonderful community of support or it can re-introduce us to past relationships that have no business being in our daily lives.

FBAYM_3D_Book_for_SMC A lawyer friend told me recently that Facebook is mentioned in up to 40% of divorce cases. Where money problems used to be the number one bomb that was blowing up marriages, Facebook is quickly taking its place. Why? It's just too easy to re-connect with an old flame, where happy memories from our carefree high school years often look more attractive than the struggles and challenges of regular married life. 

It's sugary, empty-calorie food that many people are devouring.

Jason and Kelli Krafsky wrote the book  (literally) on Facebook and Your Marriage. They live and breathe this stuff and offer some great insights into how to keep Facebook from derailing things in your relationship. They recently posted their Top Dozen Do's and Don'ts for Facebooking Couples.

If Facebook is a part of your life (or that of your spouse's), then these rules are worth obeying. Your marriage is worth it.