The Myth of Teenage Rebellion


Is teenage rebellion a stage of life that every parent must endure? Not necessarily, the research suggests.

While kids who are striving to find their own identity apart from their parents will naturally push against family norms, it doesn't mean they are in rebellion. And we shouldn't tolerate it as normal.

Recent research, highlighted by Ed Stetzer and presented at last fall's D6 conference, reminds us that teenage rebellion (and even adolescence) are relatively new products of our culture. There is little evidence to suggest that teenagers are hard-wired to rebel. In fact, it's more likely a product of their environment.

Read Ed Stetzer's post here  along with several links to other relevant research.

The bottom line for Christian parents is that we must define the expectations in our home based upon Scripture and eternal truths, not upon the whims of culture. We are called to be different and to raise our kids differently. That may mean raising the bar of expectation just a bit higher than those around us. In fact, it might mean raising it a whole lot higher.