Teens and Missions...

The following is a guest post by Chris Trent, Middle School Pastor at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, GA. You can follow Chris on Twitter at @ChrisTrent.

As you're reading this, I'm hanging out with 150 middle school students in Dallas, Texas, as they share the gospel with people in the Dallas Metroplex. What's been amazing over the past few years of doing this trip is to see how faithful teenagers can be when asked to share the gospel. I'm reminded of how often we don't have high expectations for our teenagers now, but rather look toward and plan for their future instead.

So here are a few tips on getting your student involved in missions…

1.  Plan for it.
Make plans for your child to go on a mission trip the same way you would sign them up for a sports team, school trip, etc.

2. Pray your child will develop a heart for missions.
Start praying now that your child will think outside of their small world and consider others that desperately need to hear about Jesus.

3. Consider doing a mission trip together.
Some of the sweetest moments I see in ministry are when a parent and child serve on a mission trip together.

4. Let go.
As a Dad, this last one is admittedly pretty tough. Some of the mission trip opportunities are in difficult places, and the thought of letting our children be a part can be pretty scary. We must remember that our children belong to God, and we are stewards of the gift He has given us. 

Please pray for us as we serve in Dallas this week. I'm praying God will show off a bit, and a cold front will hit Texas!