Take 30 Seconds for a One-Question Survey

I posted an important new survey question at INFO for Families today. If you're reading this on the blog, it's just to your right. If you're viewing this as an e-mail, on Facebook, or in an RSS feed, I would love for you to click over to the blog to respond to the question. It's a simple but important one.

Here's the question: "How would you best describe the family discipleship philosophy and practice in your home?" While it may not be the perfect question for formal data collection, it is desgined to get a general feel for what parents out there are doing in their homes to disciple their kids. In my desire to help parents to become more intentional, I need to start by figuring out what is already happening out there in your homes.

So take the survey. It will take you all of 30 seconds. If you read fast, you can knock it out in 20.

In my desire to get as much input from families as possible, I would ask that you do me another favor. Would you please use the "Share This" tool at the bottom of this blog post to encourage others to take the survey, as well? From that link, you can post it on your Facebook profile, on Twitter, or simply email it to some friends. (Apparently, you can even post it on your MySpace page...if you're one of the 17 people who still have one.)

Thanks for passing the link along. I will write about the results to the survey in the coming weeks. In the meantime, stay "on task" with your family!