Jon Acuff's Four Second Parenting Advice

Jon-acuff-headshot Jon Acuff is smart, funny, and usually spot-on in his satire of the church. In addition to his humorous take on the Christian life, he often surprises me with wonderfully wise insights on marriage, parenting, and faith.

In his post from a few days ago, he offers a simple tip for parents that, in just four seconds, can change the dynamic of your relationship with your kids. He makes application for the little ones at his house, but the coaching is also solid for parents of teenagers...perhaps even more so.

But be prepared to get your toes stepped on. While parents are quick to judge their kids for their over-dependence on technology, we are seeing more and more adults who are just as tied to their cell phones as their kids are. Is this you? Then you definitely need to read Acuff's short little post. It packs a wallop.

Did I just use the word "wallop?" Wow. Spell check didn't flag it, so I guess it's a real word.

Anyway, here's the post: How To Be a Better Parent in Four Seconds