Fashion Hope for the Average Guy

Here's a basic truth about what I wear: On those rare occasions when I look the least bit fashionable, you can almost guarantee that Jenifer picked my clothes out for me. However, if I look like my typical middle-aged fashion disaster, then I was probably left to my own devices. On most days, I'm okay with this.

Funny guys Tripp and Tyler have created an awesome video that captures the essence of the average guy's fashion sense. In the spirit of Zoolander, it is a spoof promoting a new clothing line. I believe it was first presented at a Chickfila leadership event, immediately after a keynote address by the CEO of Burberry. It was likely an encouraging alternative for guys who know they aren't going to spend $4,000 on a trench coat. 


Questions for the ladies: Are you okay with your husband being an Average' guy? What's more important to you, who he is on the inside or how he dresses on the outside?

Question for the sharp-dressed men out there: Do you spend more time focused on your outsides than on developing Christlike character?

Question for the fashion disasters like me: Would it be so difficult to make sure that you don't regularly look like a dork? (Unless you are older than 85 and you live in Florida retirement community, socks and sandals are never a good idea.)