For All My Pintrest Friends...

7-Ways-to-Use-Pinterest-to-Market-Your-BusinessFor all my friends out there who are Pintrest junkies, we have added a "Pin It" button to the bottom of each post on INFO For Families. If you read something that you feel is worth "sharing" with your Pintrest "followers," please feel free to "Pin It." I'll do my best to include a cool picture so you can have something to post on your "board." (I'm doing my best to use cool Pintrest lingo so that you guys will know I'm hip to this new Pintrest thing.)

Obviously, my content isn't typical Pintrest fare. I rarely post creative decorating ideas, hairstyle tips or zesty guacamole recipies. But when I look over Jenifer's shoulder when she is on Pintrest, I'm seeing more and more links to sites that share help for marriage and family life. So if you read something here that you think others should see, I'd love for you to share it.

As always, you can use links here at INFO to subscribe to the blog, tweet about it, or link to it on Facebook. It always encourages me when you pass things along.