A Great App for Helping Kids Learn the Bible

ImagesOur friend Rob Rienow of Visionary Family Ministries has recently released a great new App for the iPhone that is designed to help your kids (and you) to learn Bible history. Called BibleHIStory Game, it is a simple and addictive way to understand how the events of the Bible fit into the grand story of history. It is also a great way to learn how the different stories of the Bible unfold over time.

I have been trying it out for a few days and I have to confess that I'm a bit addicted, even though it is very simple to play. You are given virtual "cards" that have a key event in either Biblical or world history. You simply add them to a timeline of all the cards that you are given. If you put a card in the wrong place, you get a "strike." Three strikes and you're out. (You can also set it up for as many as seven strikes to make your game go longer.) It's amazing how much you learn as you go.

You can try it for free and then download the whole game for $1.99. If I had another hand, I would give it "three thumbs-up." But alas, I only have two, so "two thumbs up" will have to suffice.