Want To See Pictures of the World's Most Awesome Dad (Who Is Not Me)?

I'm not half the dad I want to be. Like you, I often fall way short of being the kind of man that my kids need in a father. And it can be discouraging. Sometimes, I think that none of us will ever move beyond a dad rating of "slightly above average."

But occasionally, another father inspires me to greatness.

I will witness a father proudly cheering for his child on the ball field, even though he knows his child has inferior athletic skills that will ensure he will always get picked last for the team.

I will hear a father giving kind words of encouragement to his middle schooler who has been picked on at school every day for the good part of a year.

I will listen to a father bragging about his high school student's outstanding character and worth, even as her senior year is almost over and she hasn't been accepted to any "good schools."

Or, as in today's fun post, I will encounter a dad's collection of awesome photos with his daughter. Apparently, he wanted to creatively capture the early stages of her life. I think he was successful. Check it out...