Audio: Coaching Your Kids with Biblical Wisdom on Relationships, Dating, and Sex

God has given Jenifer and me a strong conviction to speak to parents about becoming more deliberate in helping their kids to navigate the waters of their sexuality. We put together a four-hour teaching plan a few years ago and had the chance to teach it to several hundred parents at Johnson Ferry. We recently streamlined it down to a little more than an hour.

Click on the link below for an audio recording of the last time we taught the material. Our audience was a group of homeschool parents, but the message is suited for any parent. It briefly covers everything from "the talk" to developing guidelines to interacting with the opposite sex. We cover dating rules (and why you might need them), the "M" word, and why it's important to gross out your kids with affection in your marriage.

Please don't make the mistake of assuming that you don't need to think about this stuff until your kids become teenagers. Our foundational perspective on these issues is that most parents arrive far too late. Wise parents will start putting a "spin" on this stuff long before their kids are even considering it. Carve out some time and listen to the clip for more details. And if you're married, it would be great to listen together.

Here's the clip: