Want to See the Results of Adultery? Head to Your Local Theater

Want to See the Results of Adultery? Head to Your Local Theater.

Jen and I went to the movies on a Tuesday night this week, something we rarely do. In our desire for a little escape from the real world, we chose the artsy-fartsy period drama Anna Karenina. We knew that it was based on a famous Russian novel, but not much more than that. Call us uncultured.

I can't say that I enjoyed it all that much, but I will say that it was a great movie. It was great because it offered a graphic depiction of what happens when one listens to the "follow your heart" drivel that the world sells people today. So it wasn't fun to watch (I had a hard time rooting for anyone), but it was very true.

The plot is far too detailed for me to describe, but I will summarize it this way: Anna Karenina beautifully displays the reality that when you walk away from your marriage and choose to be unfaithful, you blow up your own life and destroy everyone else's around you. For that, I appreciated the film. It pulled no punches. For that reason alone, I would recommend you see it. For parents who want to demonstrate to their older teens the stupidity of the "follow your heart" message when it runs contrary to the wisdom of scripture, I would recommend it, as well. There are a few sensual scenes that you should avoid (let's all go get some popcorn!), but I think the R rating comes mainly from a graphic scene of a bloody train accident.

You can read a great detailed review at Plugged In that offers some great insights. It might be a terrific DVD rental in a few months.